Difference between b2c sector and b2b sectors

Differences between B2B and B2C

Having trouble figuring out the difference between the “Business to Business” and “Business to Customer” sectors? Stay tuned to this article and we’ll explain it all to you! We could talk for hours about the many differences but today we have chosen to focus on the 3 most important ones. After that you will have a more concrete vision of these 2 sectors that will allow you to move in the right direction. 

1st difference: The purchase decision  

It is quite obvious but important to remember that a simple consumer and a company do not think in the same way when they make a purchase 

In b2b the act of buying is a much more codified, long and thoughtful process. Things can sometimes take a long time, most purchasing decisions in companies include several people, 2 in 70% of the cases but sometimes up to 5 actors can enter in this decision. It is therefore necessary to be patient and strategic in order to have instant answers to the questions of the different decision-makers, whether it concerns the price, their needs, etc.)

In b2c things are much less long and complex, there is obviously a marketing work upstream to reach the right target and of course some customers will think about their purchase but a large majority will be likely to buy by impulse on a sudden and compulsive desire! However, unlike companies, customers will have a fairly small budget and will often only buy your product once. 

The decision to buy is not the same, you must adapt your strategy or call upon an external company such as ours, which will be specialized on the b2b sector. 

2nd difference: Communication and Marketing

You have now understood that a customer who buys on behalf of his company must think about his purchase and explain to his superior why it is necessary for the company. While the average consumer will buy by impulse, the way to communicate and sell your product/service is totally different 

In b2c, you have to prove every single thing you say. Highlight how your product or service will save your target time, money or resources. Documenting and quantifying what you propose is very important, because thanks to this, the company in front of you will see concretely what you bring to them and why they should choose you.

These steps are necessary, because the company that will buy your product will weigh the pros and cons, calculate the investment cost, the potential gain, etc. In b2b, it’s completely different, no need to justify yourself or talk about numbers, it’s better to go straight to the point, the customer doesn’t want to read a list or a product sheet, you have to put forward the main effect of your product in a way that makes them want to. Here is a perfect example:

Here, the Ferrero brand sells you its Nutella product by putting you in a situation and provokes a desire. 

To sum it up in one sentence, in b2b explain and list the benefits of your product with a sales pitch and supporting graphics. In b2c, catching the eye provokes envy with pictures and slogans. 

3rd difference: The 2 markets are not the same size 

The b2c sector is much larger and more developed than the b2b sector! 

It’s simple, the b2c sector includes the entire population. So before you think about your first product you have 8 billion existing customers, then as your product/service you decide to launch the target gets smaller. If you decide to market a basketball jersey of the local club in your city, the target goes from 8 billion to maybe a few hundred or even ten thousand possible customers. Once your product is finished, you will personalize the marketing as much as possible. With the previous example, you will address the basketball fan, who supports the local team, etc. So the market is very large to begin with, but it’s your product that will set the actual size of your market.

Moving on to the b2b market, it is often smaller, especially if your company sells very specific products or services. If you are a translation company specialized in Italian language, there will not be many companies interested in your services. Your SEO, content and marketing strategy must be meticulous so that you address the right audience in a very precise way. 

To conclude 

Now that you know the difference between b2b and b2c you have all the cards in hand to carry out your projects. 

Even if some products and services are marketable in b2b and b2c it is important to keep in mind that the way to promote them will not be the same at all. It is therefore necessary to adapt your sales and marketing strategies. A successful company in the b2c sector may not make any sales in the b2b sector due to a lack of experience and unsuitable techniques. 

I thank you for this attentive reading, I hope that this article will have more and especially made you understand the differences between the b2b and b2c sector. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions.

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