6 Benefits of Outsourcing a Team for Sales and Marketing

6 Benefits of Outsourcing a Team for Sales and Marketing

Benefits of outsourcing cannot be dismissed.

Do you need to grow your company in a new market? Do you want to do business with other companies? Maybe you need someone to analyze a market that you have targeted.  You can achieve these with much lower price and with professional service with outsourcing.

1-)Customers will be satisfied about sales

Outsourcing has new solutions and ideas about the industry.

According to Deloitte’s 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey, 78% of respondents felt positively about their outsourcing relationship. Statistics don’t lie. Let’s look at the reasons of why companies prefer to work with outsourcing companies.

2-)Fast and efficient entrance to the market

If you have a fresh new teamand want to get involved to the market as fast as possible, collaborating with an outsource company would be the best option for you. If your team is not experienced enough for sales, you can benefit from outsource marketing companies’ experiences. Especially if you are new in business you have to work with a professional team, you can’t risk your limited time and resources.

3-)Open for fresh ideas

You may sometimes need for a 3rd party point of view about your work and new ideas about the market. Since they work with several companies, they are more experienced about the market. This means they can look to the market from different directions. Outsourced B2B sales companies ensure that you will expand in your current targeted market in the most efficient way.

4-)Easier to control

Statistics show that the global market size of outsourced services in 2018 is at $85.6 billion. (Statista) In terms of value, approximately 84.2% of outsourcing deals originated from the United States, followed by the United Kingdom at 5.2%. Spain and Australia were two other key outsourcing markets. (KPMG, 2017)

If you outsource your marketing needs, you will have less responsibility because you won’t have to manage a whole team! The outsource company will take care of it for you. Only thing that you have to do is to stay in touch with the outsourcing company. If you want to have a reliable and also budget marketing/sales service, outsourcing companies are offering you these with latest techniques and strategies.

5-)Comparison with in-house

In-housing has its own benefits! In this concept, having internal employees will make you feel more control on your business. You will be able to check the progress of your team’s work more frequently.

Outsourcing companies have certain concept of business with their clients. If you want them to do a particular thing, which is different from their methods, it may cause some difficulties. Eventually, in-housing brings you more control, but this advantage has a cost. Instead of all this you can outsource a company and get your job done in a more flexible way.


6-)About the costs

Employee Salary Total Employee Cost Hourly Cost Local Outsourcing Hourly Cost
Amsterdam $59,000 $88,500 $51 $77


As it’s shown above, there’s a huge gap between a salary of an employee and the cost of outsourcing. This huge difference can’t be dismissed.

For an example, you hired an employee for marketing and you’re not satisfied with the results. You can’t just stop working with them, you have to pay for his or her salaries and maybe some compensation according to your agreement. On the other hand, these are no big deal for outsource marketing companies. If you’re unhappy with the way they are working, you can just part your ways with themin terms of agreement.

Outsourcing a team is an effective way to participate the business.

The Final Say

If you’re deciding between outsource and in-house. You should run an eye over the available options and make the right decision for you. While in-house is granting you more control, outsourcing is more flexible, cheaper and less risky.

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