If You Stay In Your Comfort Zone You Will Never Improve

comfort zone
If you think your team is capable enough, you can look for new leads

Don’t stick to the comfort zone!

Since the existing clients are the source of continuous business,  they should have a special importance to the company. Keeping them satisfied and gaining their loyalty are the keys of keeping the relationship going. Nowadays a lot of companies get stuck into their shells because they feel safe in their comfort zone. They have to be more brave to expand. Instead of only working with old clients, They can make their team expand to reach out more clients. Eventually, they will have kept their current clients and got in touch with more prospects.

In order to open to new markets, you need to be a good observer. You have to continuously looking for new trends in the industry.

Keep the brain cells fresh!

If you’re in the industry, you have to grow. You must increase  your limits and reach out to new customers. The good thing about new customers is, they come to you with new different tasks. Working with them will make you have a fresh look to what you’re doing. This will lead you to gain new abilities and even grow your network! This rotation of work will keep your team’s skills fresh and creative.



A good sales team should have a system to rely on. Your team has to adapt their working pattern to be able to work with new leads and also with existing clients

More available preferences

By getting new clients and also keeping your old clients, you’ll be able to decide whether if you want to go for new tasks or take less risk and stick to the old ones. For several reasons your old clients may hurt you. Since you don’t want to lose your clients, you’ll behave them gentle and try to get the job done smoothly, but some of them can abuse your nice behaviors. They can be bossy or rude against you. They can even put your company in a tough situation by making payments in an unpunctual way. While you’re dealing with their challenges they can treat you like an “a**hole”. In these type of situations, you can lead your crew to new customers with their new challenges. So that your business won’t be depending on only one customer. This will help them to gain their motivation back again.



Foreign or local, if the deal is working with a company, you have to ensure mutual trust first. You may expand to new markets, abroad in order to work with more clients and grow your business. Unfortunately, the clients abroad are more likely to switch to another company from their point of view, it can be more convenient to work with a company from the same country. They should be convinced to stick together by providing high quality service, budget solutions etc.

Working with new clients will make you widen your vision towards the business.


Growing rate of companies depends on a good selection of client preferences and this requires courage to get out of your comfort zone. Spreading to new regions would put extra effort on your team and it won’t be easy. If you think your team is capable enough for getting in touch with new clients while working with current ones. You don’t have to stick in your comfort zone anymore and keep pleasing unnecessary needs of your current ones, which sometimes might interfere with your vision and values.

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