B2B sales – what is it and how it could be useful for your business

B2B sales

A startup or entrepreneur just starting out often wonders what B2B sales and industry is and how it could benefit them.

Let’s start with the basics, what does B2B stand for? This abbreviation stands for Business to Business. You have already understood that the customer of your company is no longer a simple consumer but a much larger entity. This sector concerns a lot of wholesale companies or those who provide services to companies (translation, website development etc…) 

B2B sales can be divided into two segments: 

1 – Online 

2 – Active 

Today, we will mainly talk about the second segment, as this is where we specialize and therefore have the most expertise. The active sales segment includes all actions and communication such as: business meetings, participation in trade shows, making cold calls. 

The more we move forward, the more things are happening online, this is a fact, and it’s not just about sales or business. But you shouldn’t bury active selling too quickly, because it’s still very important, and handled skillfully, this segment will give you very big opportunities. It is not a coincidence that this profession is considered the oldest, since ancient times people had to learn to sell and trade their products and services. 

As far as cold calling is concerned, this practice may seem obsolete to attract customers, but in reality it remains one of the fastest and most effective sales ways. During this call you are not only promoting your product/service or company, you are also gathering valuable information and most importantly you are getting closer to the customer and their needs. (Of course this will depend on the skills of the salesperson and if the prospect is willing to listen).

We can definitely say that B2B sales are necessary, and even indispensable to all companies, in order to attract more customers and to develop its business successfully.

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