- Sale services in Lithuania -

Trying to upgrade your sales and attract more clients from Lithuania?

Great! Because you are in the right place. In this market we have highest experience and perfectly understand business mentality, so we are here to help you!

B2B sales services – old, but gold business strategy to make it grow!

In sale services included:

  1. Set-up (Study your services/ products specifications, making scenario etc.),
  2. Collecting potential companies contacts and creating DataBase,
  3. Cold Calls,
  4. Sending a proposals for potential clients, who show the interest for your service/product,
  5. Follow up calls for potential clients,
  6. Constantly communication with clients on email or phone.

Active sales – it’s hard, a lot of experience and time need sphere but all work and efforts one day absolutely pay off!

As we can see, there is a very big problem, when employer have to raise a new sales manager, because it require a lot of time, money, constantly attention and, of course, these things like workspace creation, taxes, salary etc… And after all there is still a chance, that sales manager would quit the job and go to work somewhere else

But we have a solution! If you would work with us, you would save money, time, don’t need to pay taxes, or create workspace and so on, because we have our own offices and experienced sales managers.

If this service is interesting for you and would like to get more information and conditions - fill up the form and in few hours we would contact with you to discuss about your situation 🙂

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