About us

Who we are and how we could be helpful for your business

- Who we are? -

Together with our clients we trying to reach the same goal sales! Regarding this we make thousands calls every day, upgrading sales strategies / processes and together we grow every day.

Our main services:

– Telemarketing

– Setting business meetings

– Customer support (Phone, email, chat boxes, on social media)

– Phone surveys

– Market research

We’re based in most beautiful city of Lithuania – Kalipeda!

In B2B sales and telemarketing we’re from 2016 and from this date we’re providing our services every single day

Capacity – we always hear our clients needs and fit to it, from small ones to thousands calls representing your company services or productions.

First step you already did – you found us 🙂 

We kindly waiting for your call or email – after small conversation about your needs and expectations we would prepare our proposal for you and could start working with your sales goals

- Have some questions? -

- Why should you use our services? -

Save on finances

If you choose our services, you won’t need to:

1. Pay salary for an employee and all the taxes related to employment;

2. Invest and and organize a workplace for an employee. 

Our services are cheaper than keeping a full-time employee at your workplace and most often, we generate more revenue.


If you decide to work with us, you won’t need to:

1. Train and prepare new employees

2. Answer all the questions they would come up with while working;

3. Monitor their work process.

During the preparation phase we will ask you to send us a description of your service/product, how are you different from your competition and etc. The employees who will be working with your service/product will carefully study all the given information to make sure your all the sales process goes smoothly and your business is represented in the best way possible.


We have been working in B2B sales and telemarketing sphere for more than 5 years.

We basically already encountered all the possible non-standart situations, which forced us to adapt and improve, thus broadening our experience and knowledge. Furthermore, we constantly organize and participate in various seminars to improve our qualification. 


Employment in sales area is still quite difficult task, since there’s always a risk that the employees can leave your company to join another. Meanwhile, we are loyal partners, thus there’s no need to worry, that the services just ends unexpectedly.

- Languages in which we can provide services -

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