market research

Fast and effective way to get real data about your business idea or new product/ service potential in market

Market research – this service is almost for everyone, it doesn’t matter is it advanced business, which thinking about new product, service or market, or it’s just a freelancer which would like to create a startup and don’t know is his idea is fitting in to market

In both ways we could make a market research and in 2-4 weeks it make clear is choosen market is fitting for business idea, new product or service

Ir Market research service we make this steps:

  • Preparation - see into product or service, making call script etc.
  • Collect contacts, regarding potential companies categories
  • Collecting and editing data base
  • Cold calls for potential competitors and potential customers
  • Report about market and market trends

- Markets/Countries -

These are the markets/countries where we do provide our services:

Also, we provide our services in all countries where we could use English and Russian languages

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